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‘Psych’ Movie Sequel Coming to USA at End of 12222

The newest nad coolest show on the USA network.. Shawn has a photographic memory to help him thanks to his father Henery Spencer Corben Bernsen who is an ex cop and tried to force Shawn to grow up and become a detective. Shawn is pretty lazy and too interested in having fun and dating hot chicks to go thru the long process of being a cop detective so he uses his PG memory a a fake "Psycic" pretending to get preminnisions and having the ability to communicate with the dead.

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  • Psych is a pretty funny show next to Monk. A slang term used to defame a person after they have been persuaded to believe a false truth. The modern " Mindfuck " could be considered to convey similar meaning, as "Psych" may be interpreted as "psychologically fucking" with a person.

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